“I’m an electronic wheelchair user with extremely limited mobility due toosteoarthritis of the spine, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Unfortunately in January I fell while trying to transfer from my wheelchair to bed. This led to my being admitted to hospital for 10 days where I was given a Hydrant with drinking tube. I find drinking difficult due to having to hold a glass or cup which are difficult and heavy, but your bottle meant I could drink as much as I wanted without pain or the risk of spilling fluids down myself! On discharge I went home with one of your Hydrant systems, I have not stopped using it since. My carers fill my bottle each time they are in and attach it to my chair or bed, so I drink night and day now.  I really can not say a big enough thank you, your system has literally changed my life”
Marina Brown

“I am a 56 year-old paraplegic T4 complete, and have been for the past 12 years. During the night, I need to drink water frequently and thanks to The Hydrant, there is no more knocking glasses over, fumbling for bottles, or the bed remote to sit myself up , tipping water down my neck, waking me and unable to get back sleep. Now I am almost drinking in my sleep what a great relief. I will place an order for another to use when driving my car, great product.”
Julian Stalley

“I think the Hydrant must be one of the best things ever invented for disabled people. I care for a relative who is almost completely paralysed with MS and was constantly calling on me for drinks, because the medication she takes dries out her mouth. She is now able to reach the tube and drink when she wishes. Many thanks for the extra time you have given to me.”
Dave Hinxman 

“My 18 year old daughter has Cerebral Palsy and uses an electric wheelchair – she has always been a bit of a nightmare when it comes to drinking enough fluids and is also very dependant on others to fetch her a drink if she wants one. The Hydrant has been brilliant over the past few weeks, not least because I can keep tabs on exactly how much she has had just by glancing at the back of her wheelchair. She is much more independent as she does not have to ask others if she wants a drink, can drink exactly when she wants as it is always accessible, and it seems to be somewhat of a challenge to her to empty The Hydrant bottle every day!! Thanks, and well done for such a simple, but effective product.”
Karen McIllravie

“We purchased our Hydrant a couple of years ago and would really hate to be without it now. My husband has MS and is totally dependent on me for his quality of life, because of all his medication his mouth gets very dry and though he can drink through a straw during the day he needs help at night. I just have to reach out for the Hydrant and ‘hey presto’ water! He drinks 1 litre of water overnight and the hydrant saves me having to be in and out of bed to give him a
drink. The Hydrant is one of the small things that make a big difference to the life of a disabled person.”

 “We got the Hydrant for our 13 year old son who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and was losing the power to lift his arms and like most 13 year old boys wanted to be independent so rather than ask for help with lifting his drink and didn’t like using straws because he felt too old and said straws were for little kids not teenagers avoided drinking. Having the hydrant gave him independence and now he has no problems drinking and is very happy to use this even when we go out we hook the bottle on the back of his wheelchair and passes the tube discretely round under his arm and clips to his clothing were he can then drink from the mouth piece easily.”
Diane Gilmour 

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the bottle you gave me. I have eventually managed to get my dad to use it – he has been very, very poorly with dehydration – he is now drinking at least two thirds a day and is so much better. Thanks – I honestly think your bottle saved his life.”
Helen S