the problem

Dehydration is the single biggest issue facing healthcare in Great Britain today.

Lack of easy independent access to fluids is a major cause of dehydration and its related health problems. The healthcare regulator estimates that up to 42,000 people die from dehydration and related issues in hospital annually in the UK. This avoidable tragedy is often caused simply because people cannot reach, lift or hold the drink that is in front of them.



the Hydrant

Winner of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation 2013, this unique hands-free drinking system is already proven to massively reduce dehydration in hospitals, care homes and the community. Studies have shown the use of The Hydrant can reduce falls, urinary tract infections (UTIs), use of antibiotics and hospital admissions by up to 80%. It was invented in 2007 by British businessman Mark Moran after he experienced dehydration in hospital whilst recovering from a spinal operation.








the vision

To ensure that everyone who needs a Hydrant can receive one for free.

Although it is available to buy through many different channels including the NHS supply chain, our vision is to enable any potential beneficiary to receive one for free.

The Hydration Foundation Chairty has been established so that this vision can be achieved. Philanthropic and charitable donations will be used to buy & distribute Hydrant systems to user and patient groups who need them.....